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Frequently Asked Questions

Download and Print: FFCF Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Foundation’s funding priorities?

Our priorities are:

Community Support:
We support non-profit community and human service organizations that improve the quality of life within the communities we serve. We give priority to programs and projects that build capacity to better serve the broader community, and that benefit low to moderate income persons.

Affordable Housing:
We support programs and projects that build upon First Federal’s legacy of improving access to decent, safe, and affordable housing for low and moderate income citizens in the communities we serve.

Economic Development:
We support initiatives that encourage and expand economic development opportunities in the communities we serve, with emphasis on coordinated public/private initiatives sponsored by local organizations dedicated to economic development.

Community Development:
We support capital projects that offer valuable benefits to broad segments of the communities we serve, with emphasis on coordinated public/private initiatives featuring multiple funding sources.


How much money is available?

The total amount granted will vary from year to year. Current limitations are as follows:

There is a $5,000 minimum and $25,000 maximum grant amount restriction for individual Community Support grants. We have allocated $100,000 for Community Support grants for the current year.

There is a $25,000 minimum grant amount restriction for Affordable Housing, Economic Development and Community Development grants for the current year.


How often will the Foundation review grant proposals?
We typically review grant proposals semi-annually (see deadlines below).


Does the Foundation have grant proposal deadlines?
Yes. Applications will be accepted only during prescribed periods, as follows:

  • Applications accepted between January 1 and March 1 of each year will be reviewed at our April board meeting.
  • Applications accepted between July 1 and September 1 of each year will be reviewed at our October board meeting.

Exceptions to these time limitations may be made with the approval of the Foundation’s board of directors.


When are grants funded?
Grants will typically be funded within sixty days of approval provided all conditions have been met.


Do grant awards expire?
Yes. Unfunded grant awards will expire 180 days after the award date.


Are there restrictions on the length of time needed to complete projects or programs funded by grants?
Yes, for Community Support grants. Project and program goals funded by Community Support grants must be completed within twelve months of the grant award date.


Does the Foundation have a formula for funding grants?
No. However, we prioritize grant proposals based on our own criteria when allocating available funds. These criteria may include alignment with our giving priorities, the potential for the proposal’s success, the impact on community, the quality and stability of the organization, and the presence of matching funds.


Are there geographic restrictions for grant proposals?
Yes. Grant proposals must benefit the communities in which First Federal operates a full service branch. At this time those communities include Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap and Whatcom Counties in the state of Washington.


What is ineligible for funding?

We will not fund:

  • Completed projects
  • Budget deficits
  • Debt reduction
  • General operating expense
  • Event sponsorships
  • Contributions to Individuals
  • Contributions to political or labor organizations, candidates, or causes
  • Contributions that facilitate religious mission, doctrine, or organization
  • Proposals that would cause the Foundation to be in violation of its Conflict of Interest Policy


Is there a limit to the number of grant proposals an organization can submit?
Although we do not have a policy limitation on the number of grant proposals an organization can submit, we anticipate receiving more proposals that we can fund and we will prioritize accordingly. Each proposal will be weighed on its own merits.


Does the Foundation consider multi-year grant proposals?
Yes. Preference will be given to annual grant proposals, but multi-year proposals may be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Will the Foundation award grants to fiscal sponsors on behalf of applicants who are not yet eligible as 501(c)3 non-profit organizations?
Yes, provided the fiscal sponsor meets our eligibility criteria. The grant application must be completed by the fiscal sponsor, who will provide all supplemental information required. The package should also include supplemental information on the sponsored applicant and the proposed project or program.


Who makes grant decisions?
Grant proposals are submitted for consideration to our board of directors semi-annually. Please see About Us to learn more about our leadership.


Are grant awards made in cash?
Yes. Grant awards are typically transferred electronically via Automated Clearing House to the recipient’s bank account.


Will the Foundation fund general operating costs?
Generally, no. It is acknowledged that proposed projects or programs that expand the organization’s capacity may impact operating costs for the organization. Those costs should be identified in the financial budgets submitted with the application package.


How do I submit a grant proposal?
Our Grant Guidelines and Grant Application Forms are located on our website,  The Grant Application must be downloaded and saved to your own system (applications cannot be transmitted via our website). The application form is intended to provide summary-level information only, and will auto-fill as you type. Please complete and sign the application and submit it to us with the other required supplemental information. The application is not considered “complete” unless it is accompanied by all of the supplemental information listed on the form.


Completed application packages can be sent via regular mail or email to The package should be sent to the attention of:

Jan Simon, Executive Director
First Federal Community Foundation
105 West Eighth Street – PO Box 351
Port Angeles, WA 98362


Incomplete applications may be deemed ineligible for consideration, so please ensure that all required information is included with your initial submission.


How long will you retain our grant application?
We will retain your grant application and all supplemental information in our records for one year after the grant decision is made or the grant is closed, whichever occurs later.


What does the Foundation mean by “measurable outcomes” and “ongoing sustainability”?
We need assurance that the projects and programs that we fund have meaningful and lasting impacts. To that end, we want to know how you will measure success. We will be asking you for a report, either at the conclusion of your project or one year from the funding date, so you need to be thinking about how you will measure success.  Outcomes should be specific and measurable; for example, if a reduction in homelessness is the program’s goal, methodology for quantifying the program’s impact on the homeless population should be included.  Opinion surveys and group meetings, while valid measurement tools, are not outcomes. We want you to ask: “Did we achieve our objective?” and tell us how you plan to answer that question.


Will I need to submit reports after a grant is awarded?
Yes. We will ask for a report either at the conclusion of your project or program, or one year after funding, depending on the nature of the project or program. We may ask for additional reports if your proposal is complex and/or longer in duration. The amount and nature of the information we ask will be commensurate with the nature and complexity of your project or program.


How often does the Foundation conduct site visits?
It depends upon the nature and complexity of your project or program. We will discuss this with you during the grant application process.


Can I contact Foundation staff if I have additional questions?
Yes! Please do not hesitate to contact us.




Rev. 3/28/18