First Fed Foundation Releases 2021 Annual Report

While the world began to reopen in 2021 and we started adjusting to “the new normal,” for many of our friends and neighbors in Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap, and Whatcom Counties, “normal” life involved great hardship and extreme difficulty.

The number of people in need of medical and mental health services, housing, and food grew exponentially, as did the need for emergency assistance to cover necessities such as utility bills, car maintenance, and childcare, as well as debilitating unforeseen expenses.

Additionally, the organizations that serve as lifelines for our communities found themselves challenged as never before. One nonprofit leader shared her experience, saying, “I have had the privilege of working with homeless families as an Executive Director for 12 years, and the past two years have been the hardest by an almost incomprehensible margin.”

In this annual report, we highlight the heroic organizations that helped our communities weather the storms of 2021, that envision a more hopeful future, and provide the tools and support to attain it. These nonprofits are creative, agile, resourceful, and resilient, and we are proud to have awarded them a total of $860,000 for projects and programs that sustained our communities with housing, help, and hope.

Click below to view the 2021 Annual Report:

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